HVAC/R Energy Saving Solutions

HVAC /Refrigeration contributes to ; 70% of global energy useand  63% of greenhouse gases. Imagine if we could save the losses.


the highlight

Introducing our Smartcool solutions are helping organizations profit from energy reduction, and significant energy cost savings, we also enhance ‘green’ credentials, and create a unique competitive advantage. From small businesses through to supermarkets, data centres, telecom facilities, cold storage warehouses and commercial buildings. Allow us to help you, Analyse, improve and optimise your HVAC/R Operations.

  • Continuously dynamically analysing and adjusting compressor cycles rather than relying on traditional pre-programmed fixed (static) values.
  • Interfacing directly with conventional controls including the most sophisticated Building Management Systems (BMS) and state-of-the-art refrigeration controls, rather than replacing them.
  • Reducing overall compressor run time without causing over cycling or affecting cooling capacity, temperature requirements or manufacturer warranties